07 Jun

The Battle Against Advertising

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day we are being constantly bombarded by advertisers on the TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines and more, who are trying to convince us that their brand of junk food, soft drinks / soda pop, energy bars and drinks, etc. are fun and great to eat.

Our kids are also being subjected to ambush advertising at a very early age to believe that this is OK and that a lot of fast food chains make a point of winning children over to their side early on in the game, by slyly enticing them with their special “Kid’s Meals” where they get free toys, and by providing kids playgrounds and birthday parties, etc. to ensure they will form this eating habit early on in their lives.

As parents, we have to be strong and focused on being able to win our kids back over to our side of the fence. One of the best ways of teaching this principle is to lead by example. You can do this by eliminating from your lifestyle what you know is bad for them.

Teaching them at a young age what’s good and what’s bad to put into their bodies will help the build a foundation that will last the rest of their lives.

18 May

Why the Jump Start Healthy Diet Plan is So Effective

Healthy Diet Plan Using Soup Maker Pro

Many diet plans focus on a reduction of calories, carbohydrates and intake of food, matched with tough workouts and strict exercise routines. Others offer pills or powders that suppress your appetite or cause you to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. None of these focus on the elimination of toxins from your body, and until you get rid of these, your body may still retain the fat. However, there is a much faster and easier way and that’s my Jump Start 7 Day Juice Program. It will allow you to lose weight in a much safer and healthier way, without spending many months sweating and working out for hours on end in the gym.

As explained in Chapter 4, the body stores and accumulates toxins and puts fat around these to protect the body from being harmed. Once you flush away these toxins and poisons, the fat that was once protecting them from harming your body now has no need to be there and can be expelled and flushed away through your normal bodily excretions.

That’s the basis of this 7 Day Healthy Diet Plan and that’s why it’s more effective than anything you’ve ever tried before. I’ve often heard people say, “You know I workout, I eat healthy, but no matter what I do I just can’t seem to lose the weight!”. “I can’t seem to lose that spare tire around my waist or this cellulite on my legs!” The reason may well be that you are storing toxins. Your body won’t allow you to release the fat because it is protecting itself from the harmful effects of raised toxins levels in your system.

As mentioned in Chapter 3, digestion requires a tremendous amount of energy to break down food. The great thing about drinking fresh, live juice is that it requires little or no energy to break it down in order for it to be absorbed and have its life-giving nourishment assimilated as fuel for your body. My Jump Start 7-Day Juice Program gives your digestive system a long overdue and much needed vacation by temporarily putting it into rest mode. This means that your body has an abundance of extra and available energy that can now be focused and put to use to heal your body naturally by flushing these toxins out of your system.

Once the toxins go, the fat leaves with it. It’s as simple as that. It’s fast, extremely effective and it works like a dream.


18 May

The Power of Fresh Juice and Live Food

Benefits Of Juice Extractor

A juice extractor works in very much the same way as the human digestive system. The second food enters your body the digestion process begins. Your mouth and stomach prepare it for your digestive tract and intestines that squeezes and extracts the JUICE out from the FIBER of the food. By the time it reaches the end of its journey all the nutritious components of the juice have been separated from the fiber and absorbed into your system, so only waste remains.

By putting fruit and vegetables through a juice extractor you take out the need for the above process and are able to get all the nourishment without the hard work.

You don’t have to be a nutritional expert to know that fruit and vegetables are good for you. Generally, from the time we are old enough to remember our mothers have been teaching us this. These days with our diet of cooked and processed food we need to redress this imbalance by eating more healthy vegetables. Imagine trying to eat a dozen raw carrots in a day. Sure, it wouldn’t be impossible, but who would really want to? It would take a tremendously long time and your jaw would get tired from all the chewing. It also takes a lot of effort for your stomach to digest this hard, raw food.

Carrots put through a juice extractor are transformed into a powerfully healing super food in an easy-to-drink and delicious liquid form. Now you have all the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and liver enzymes of the carrots in one extremely powerful and healthy glass that is an absolute pleasure to drink. All the healing benefits of this great tasting beverage are quickly and easily assimilated into your body and require virtually no energy to digest.

Now you may say, “I can easily buy some carrot juice or other fruit or vegetable juice from a store in a bottle or carton to get the same kind of nutrition.” Well! Firstly read the label of a store-bought, so-called ‘juice’ and you’ll see for yourself that these are a potent mixture of sugars, preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings and pasteurized juice. Pasteurized is really a fancy word for ’cooked,’ and by law, the store-bought juice has to be cooked between 160° – 200° Fahrenheit / 71° – 93° Celsius which destroy the nutritional value and living enzymes. Fresh is best and closest to the vine is the most divine.

A healthy body needs live enzymes. When we don’t give our body live enzymes by eating live food, as in eating too much cooked or processed food (dead/ empty food), our pancreas kicks into action and will produce these live enzymes that our body needs. This, however, is not the main function of the pancreas, but it will do this because our body needs these enzymes for general daily functioning. The pancreas’s main purpose is to produce insulin for the body, but in performing this secondary function it becomes overworked and doesn’t perform as well as it should.

After eating of cooked food for years, the overburdened pancreas can swell to four times its size. The body starts to break down and disease can set in. Live food repairs and restores the cells that are damaged and also builds new cells. In order to let the pancreas do its main function, you need to be getting these living enzymes from your food.

18 May

Empty Devitalized Foods

How To Get Nutritious Foods

Over the last 30 years the food people eat has changed dramatically with the increasing dominance of processed and cooked foods that are robbed of their living enzymes. Generally, everything in a packet has been processed and anything in a can or bottle has been pasteurized. Both of these processes deprive food of their natural nutrients, minerals and liver enzymes.

To make these foods last longer and taste better, food manufacturers add an overabundance of preservatives and other chemicals. You may think eating meat and seafood gives you more than enough of the daily essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients you need. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. The majority of natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes that our body can utilize come from plant sources. Minerals from the earth’s soil are absorbed through natural processes into living plant cell walls where enzymes and vitamins are formed.

The nutrients that we get from eating meat are second hand and are not as good as receiving them from the initial plant source from where the animals originally received this nutrition. What’s more, in order for farmers to be able to produce more livestock to be slaughtered for human consumption, steroids and growth promoters are commonly used. By eating this meat, we expose our bodies to any toxins that maybe stored within the animals system. It’s a vicious cycle that plays havoc upon our bodies while prematurely aging us, making us fat, unhealthy and creating disease.

Although vegetables are a natural source of nourishment, once we cook them over 102° Fahrenheit / 38.89° Celsius, the living enzymes in the vegetables start to die. To actively avoid increasing accumulated toxin levels in the body, everybody needs to be aware that traditional farming methods employ the use of certain chemicals.

These are used to increase crop yields and eradicate pests and disease. Care should be taken when preparing farm grown produce, rinsing in readily available vegetable washes will ensure any chemical residues are removed. It is much safer to opt for organic produce but I advise also rinsing with the same wash to eliminate any naturally occurring pathogens and organic fertilizers.

The trouble with the food we eat these days is that it is often robbed of nutrition and packed with chemicals that play havoc upon our body. When we eat food that has no nutritional value, we may feel temporarily full, but we are actually starving our bodies as we receive no nutrition from this empty food. Soon after eating, the body sends out a signal to us saying, “I’m hungry, feed me.”

We misinterpret this; give it more empty food, consuming whatever we find in our cupboard or in the closest fast food joint. What our body is really saying is, “I’m hungry, please feed me nutritious food!” Raw fruits and vegetables packed with live enzymes easily and quickly satisfy this need.

18 May

7 Day Weight Loss Plan

7 Day Juice Diet Plan To Help Lose Weight

The empty, processed and chemically distorted food we eat creates massive amounts of toxicity within our body. The body will do its best to remove these toxins through our daily processes of elimination. Often this overwhelms our bodies, which react by displaying symptoms of common illnesses such as diarrhoea, congestion, the common cold or flu, infections, skin rashes and more. Treatments for these ailments are often restricted to quick fix medicines which only suppress the symptoms.

Unfortunately, these traditional medicines don’t allow our bodies to eliminate these toxins. In fact, they often exacerbate the problem by putting the system under additional strain. Our bodies will then have to find a place to store these toxins where they will not harm our vital organs. So the body will often surround the toxins and poisons with fat, thus allowing our bodies to continue with day today activities. As time goes on and we accumulate more and more toxins with no way for our bodies to eliminate them. This build-up often weakens certain organs within our system promoting disease.

The Jump Start 7 Day Juice Diet Program allows you to quickly eliminate and flush these vicious disease causing toxins out of your body in a fast, effective way that could not ordinarily be achieved through our normal process of elimination. Once the toxins are eliminated, the body quickly releases the fat that was used to protect your vital organs. This means that not only do you quickly lose weight, but you also feel healthier, more energetic and often years younger.

18 May

7 Day Juice Diet Program For Smooth Digestion

7 Day Juice Diet Program With Soup Maker Pro

Our body uses a tremendous amount of energy to break down food. A good example of this would be whenever you have a family get-together, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthdays. Family and friends are sitting around the dinner table, the humor and energy are high. It is so noisy that it is often very difficult to hear the person sitting next to you. Ten minutes into the dinner, the rowdiness and laughter subsides somewhat as people settle down to eat.

Thirty minutes into the dinner, the noise level that was present earlier
has now subsided to a very normal volume. Forty-five minutes into the dinner, everyone is now very full, and then someone says, “Anyone for dessert?” Not wanting to offend, we unbuckle our belt one or two notches and say, “Maybe just a slice or two.” An hour into the dinner, conversation has become a quiet murmur and complaints of over-eating are commonplace. Then people start drifting off from the dinner table, trying to find a sofa or quiet place to have a short nap for an hour or two.

If any of this sounds familiar, it is because you are exhausted and your body has required a tremendous amount of energy to break down everything you have consumed. In addition, hard to digest meats can stay in your system for days and prevent good nutrients from being absorbed. One of the keys to good health is the fast elimination of food. That’s why the Jump Start 7 Day Juice Program works so well.

It requires little or no energy to digest because it’s in the form of a juice and is already in a form that the body can utilize immediately. Therefore, the body doesn’t have to go through the normal procedure of breaking it down and digesting it. This means we now have all this extra energy available to us that is normally used for breaking down food. This energy can now be used to heal and repair your body at a cellular level, clear accumulated toxins and break down excess body fat.

So now when you wake up in the morning, you have boundless amounts of energy
because you are not overloading your body with this heavy task of digestion. I’m not
proposing that you should never eat whole foods again. What I am saying is that you need to make sure you are giving your body the nutrition it needs to function properly and be disease free.

18 May

Attitude is Everything

How Our Attitude Impacts Our Lives | Weight Loss Guide

To some people, my inclusion of this chapter may

seem inappropriate for a book primarily focused on

nutrition, weight loss and detoxification. However, I

believe that a person’s attitude has a massive impact

on every part of their life. It’s not just the empty,

processed, unhealthy foods we eat, the poisoned

air we breathe and the polluted environment that

we live in that can create a buildup of toxicity within

our bodies. It’s also our thoughts.

18 May

15 Reasons Why The Jumptart Program Works

Know How This Weight Loss Plan Works With Soup Maker Pro

  • Safe, dramatic weight loss with soup maker pro in just 7 Days with no unnatural and chemically caused side effects.
  • Cleanses body and clears out toxins accumulated from years of abuse.
  • Increased levels of energy.
  • Long term health benefits that can help reduce visits to the doctor,  saving you money.
  • Renewed sex drive.
  • Results in 7 days vs 3 months for most other diets.
  • Simple and easy to follow instructions, with nocomplicated cooking recipes.
  • Fresh, nutritious and completely natural. No preservatives, artificial flavorings or chemicals.
  • No need to count calories.
  • Saves you time.
  • Ingredients are easily found in any supermarket, affordable and cheaper than other diets and low calorie prepared meals.
  • Great tasting juice recipes are quick and easy to prepare.
  • No drastic loss of energy as experienced in low calorie diets.
  • Specially formulated recipes packed full of nourishment thoroughly satisfying your appetite.
  • High success rate of completion due to the short time period.
05 Apr

Should You Buy A Soup Maker?


Soup is a very personal thing, for everyone.  This website is NOT here to convince you to buy a soup maker.  It’s here for those who already have, and want to find out more about how to use it, or get easy recipes to fill theirs with.

Some of us will prefer a pan and a blender stick, others will use a tattie masher as a blender, which is the method I used to use most often in my days pre soup maker ownership.  I made the mistake of recommending one to a family member, who hates hers, so I’ve learned that we all have different expectations from what our gadgets can do, and what the results will be.

Personally, I wouldn’t be without mine.  Ever.  My friend thinks she tastes motor oil when she uses hers.  I can’t figure that one out, but we’re all different.  She just doesn’t like it, which is fair enough.

I often feel pressure from people to buy gadgets, but I tend to decide for myself.  I certainly have my own fair share of used once gadgets in my kitchen cupboard, but my soup maker isn’t one of them.

Here’s Why I Love Mine.

Time Saver

As a busy mum, who is also a carer, I don’t often have time to stand over a pot of soup, and my wrists are slightly arthritic, so spooning out and pouring bits into separate blenders are all movements that I don’t have to make with a soup maker.

Burnt/Overcooked Soup

Is a thing of the past for me now.  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had food cooking, only to have to sort out my mum, or one of the kids hurts themselves, and by the time I remember what’s cooking, it’s burnt.  For some of you, that will be totally alien, but others will know exactly what I’m talking about.  I intensely dislike the taste of overcooked vegetables in soup, and for me, the soupmaker avoids that one hundred percent and more,

Less Waste

When I made pans of soup, it took forever.  I’d make my stock, then add vegetables, and it never seemed worth it for a small batch, so I always made a large one.  It would feed us, then everyone would get fed up of the same soup, so packs would go in the freezer, which would get forgotten about, and eventually end up in the bin.  From 1.6 Litres of soup, I can get three adults and three children a portion of soup each.  If I want to cook more, I simply pop on another pot as soon as the first one is done, and by the time we’ve finished eating plate number one, the soupmaker is beeping away again with another fresh batch.

The maximum in my soup maker is 1.6 Litres, which does spin out quite well.

Different Soups Every Time

Smaller batches means I can make different soups regularly.  I’d grudge making large batches, so I’d put it off.  With the soup maker, it really is on several times a week in our house.

Other Food

I’m on a mission to find out what else I can do in a soup maker.  So far I’ve tried porridge with some success, smoothies are a breeze, as are shakes and milkshakes.  I’ll get those written up as time goes on.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.


05 Apr

What Are The Six Food Tastes?


To help decide how to mix and match our ingredients for good soups, it does make a difference if we’re aware of the different tastes that our bodies can recognise.  It can go a long way to fixing a dish that doesn’t taste as it should, as it could simply be a case of balancing one or more of the other tastes.

If a dish is too bitter, perhaps adding a touch of sugar could fix it.  If it’s too sweet, perhaps a little lemon juice or a pinch of salt would make it palatable.

So, what are they?

1 – Salty

We all know the awful taste of food that’s oversalted, but if there isn’t enough salt in a dish, we can add extra by using ingredients such as salt itself, soy sauce, fish sauce or even stock cubes.

2 – Sweet

We all know our sweet taste.  The sugar that many of us crave, yet we can also use things like honey, syrups and molasses instead of just sugar.

3 – Sour

I used to confuse bitter with sour, but now that I know the difference, it’s easier to tell.   We can tell sour by the taste buds on our tongue.  If you’ve ever tasted kids sour sweeties, you’ll know exactly what I mean.   It’s sharp and acidic and not always unpleasant.  Think of lemons, kids sour sweets and even sour milk.

4 – Bitter

We feel the bitter taste at the back of our throats.  It’s the coffee, beer, citrus peel, unsweetened cocoa etc.  It’s very unpleasant to many.  Not that sour milk isn’t unpleasant, but it’s in a different way.

5 – Umami (the newest taste that some say is one of the basics)

We might know this better as being of a savoury taste.  Think of Marmite.  You either hate it or love it, but there are different levels to umami, including meaty stocks and gravies.  More thought of as a pleasant savoury taste.  Think spag bol, or bacon crisps, or beef stroganoff…..

6 – Spicy

We all know this one too.  The curry that’s too hot, or the chilli peppers in a dish that unexpectedly blow your head off.

As with salt, be careful when you add spicy ingredients.  It’s very easy to make a dish too hot for people to eat.  Most guest don’t take kindly to needing a pint of water for each course of a meal.  Besides, it’s too much of a waste of food to simply throw it all away if something isn’t quite right.   Good tricks to cool down spicy food could include adding yoghurt, cream, mayonnaise or even some cool mango chutney, with sweetness that will help counteract the spice.