1.3 L Avancer Soup Maker


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Homemade, easy to make Soup in under half an hour!

Finally there’s an exclusive appliance for soup enthusiasts. Save time, money and create healthier recipes with the Avancer Stainless Steel Soup Maker.

Soup is a filling and nutritious alternative to breads and heavy appetizers so consider serving it at your next party. Everyone loves a fresh cup of soup to start of any meal. It is also a fantastic way to get fresh vegetables in to your diet without sacrificing taste.

A perfect all-in-one unit and a great addition to any kitchen!





Enjoy delicious Soups
The Avancer 1.3L Soup Maker is the ultimate appliance for anyone who would rather eat soup for every meal. With its simple on step operation, you can quickly and easily make your favourite soups effortlessly and deliciously.
1.3L Capacity
With 1.3L capacity there’s plenty of room to cook all your favourite recipes. Its compact design makes it perfect for an individual, couple or family.
Easy to Use
Just add delicious ingredients and choose from three settings – Smooth, Chunky or Blend. In 15-25 minutes you will have a steamy and flavourful batch of soup ready as easily as if you opened it from the can. By making soup yourself you are avoiding excess sodium and preservatives often found in canned soups.
Our Soup Maker can also function as a small cold blender, giving you the flexibility to make smoothies in it too.
  • Capacity: 1-1.3L
  • 3 Easy to use settings – Smooth, Chunky, Blend
  • Removable lid and power cord
  • Overflow sensor for safety