07 Jun

The Battle Against Advertising

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day we are being constantly bombarded by advertisers on the TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines and more, who are trying to convince us that their brand of junk food, soft drinks / soda pop, energy bars and drinks, etc. are fun and great to eat.

Our kids are also being subjected to ambush advertising at a very early age to believe that this is OK and that a lot of fast food chains make a point of winning children over to their side early on in the game, by slyly enticing them with their special “Kid’s Meals” where they get free toys, and by providing kids playgrounds and birthday parties, etc. to ensure they will form this eating habit early on in their lives.

As parents, we have to be strong and focused on being able to win our kids back over to our side of the fence. One of the best ways of teaching this principle is to lead by example. You can do this by eliminating from your lifestyle what you know is bad for them.

Teaching them at a young age what’s good and what’s bad to put into their bodies will help the build a foundation that will last the rest of their lives.