07 May

Tips For Juicing With Your Kids

Tips For Juicing

Keep it cold. Your kids are sure to love the majority of these healthy fresh juices, but they’ll love them even more, when they’re cold. Keeping your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator is good, but by adding ice into the glass makes them taste even better.

To ensure your kids can enjoy the benefits of juicing when they’re not at home, store their juice in a sealed drink bottle and fill it to the brim, the less air the better, as air degrades the quality of the juice quicker.

If you do not have enough juice to fill to the brim, put ice in until it reaches the top. You can even prepare their juices the night before and pop it in the freezer for them to take to school the next day. When they are taking it with them I recommend storing it in a thermal cooler bag to make sure it’s nice and cold when they’re ready to drink it. The quicker you can freeze the juice the better as it would help maintain flavor and nourishment. If you want it to freeze quicker, you can add ice into the juice that you are trying to freeze to help bring it to freezing point.

Ice pop moulds are an excellent and fun way to make a hot summer cool and groovy. Kids will absolutely love their favorite juices done in this way and the great thing about it is its very tasty and really nutritious for them, unlike ice cream and artificially flavored ice pops.

Fresh Juices are a great alternative to milk. Research is now showing that milk is not as good for us as the milk companies would have you believe. Cow’s milk is intended for calves and it can be extremely difficult for a child’s digestive system to break it down and utilize any goodness from it.

Milk is often filled with steroids and growth hormones and is very mucus forming. It has been linked to many health problems, ranging from ear or throat infections to allergies, respiratory problems, diarrhoea and constipation or even acne. If your child has been suffering from any of these, try and refrain from giving them milk for 30 days, and you should notice a dramatic improvement in their health. For more information on this, try reading “Don’t Drink Your Milk” by Frank A. Oski, M.D. or “Milk  A-Z ” by Robert Cohen.

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