18 May

Why the Jump Start Healthy Diet Plan is So Effective

Healthy Diet Plan Using Soup Maker Pro

Many diet plans focus on a reduction of calories, carbohydrates and intake of food, matched with tough workouts and strict exercise routines. Others offer pills or powders that suppress your appetite or cause you to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. None of these focus on the elimination of toxins from your body, and until you get rid of these, your body may still retain the fat. However, there is a much faster and easier way and that’s my Jump Start 7 Day Juice Program. It will allow you to lose weight in a much safer and healthier way, without spending many months sweating and working out for hours on end in the gym.

As explained in Chapter 4, the body stores and accumulates toxins and puts fat around these to protect the body from being harmed. Once you flush away these toxins and poisons, the fat that was once protecting them from harming your body now has no need to be there and can be expelled and flushed away through your normal bodily excretions.

That’s the basis of this 7 Day Healthy Diet Plan and that’s why it’s more effective than anything you’ve ever tried before. I’ve often heard people say, “You know I workout, I eat healthy, but no matter what I do I just can’t seem to lose the weight!”. “I can’t seem to lose that spare tire around my waist or this cellulite on my legs!” The reason may well be that you are storing toxins. Your body won’t allow you to release the fat because it is protecting itself from the harmful effects of raised toxins levels in your system.

As mentioned in Chapter 3, digestion requires a tremendous amount of energy to break down food. The great thing about drinking fresh, live juice is that it requires little or no energy to break it down in order for it to be absorbed and have its life-giving nourishment assimilated as fuel for your body. My Jump Start 7-Day Juice Program gives your digestive system a long overdue and much needed vacation by temporarily putting it into rest mode. This means that your body has an abundance of extra and available energy that can now be focused and put to use to heal your body naturally by flushing these toxins out of your system.

Once the toxins go, the fat leaves with it. It’s as simple as that. It’s fast, extremely effective and it works like a dream.